We are BACK to GIVE BACK! August 21, 2018 21:42

Sorry for our long hiatus ... but after managing my little monkeys and now getting all of them into school, I am ready and back to helping you teach your little one(s) how to GIVE BACK with a simple t-shirt to inspire them! As I start my venture to pursue my passion for teaching at USC, I hope to inspire others to never give up and to pursue their own dreams. I pose a question for you, when was the last time that you 'did a good duty for the day?' if you can't think of that then it's been too long. Just the other day I was at the Del Mar beach and I saw this older lady struggling to hold her umbrella, bag, walker and all while using her cane through the sand to reach her families chairs down on the beach. There were people all around but not one person walked over to help her, I thought to myself, 'I sure hope when I am older and need help that someone would help me,' and therefore, I immediately walked over and just asked her would you like some help?, she said, 'Oh, yes that would be so great.' I felt so good inside to help her, and she said to me, 'you must be a nurse!' I said, 'I am not a nurse but I am a teacher, and I am going to school for my credentials. She just smiled and said, well you are going to make an amazing teacher. It was such a positive moment in my day and then she watched and smiled as I played with my boys on the beach. I truly felt so good to just lend that hand to someone in need and ease their own day by one thoughtful simple gesture. I am working on a NEW batch of tees and updating the site for you and I hope to start sharing more and getting back into the swing of this program very soon...please stayed tuned! xoxo