We Shipped over 1K FREE Inspirational Shirts! June 16, 2015 13:18

We are proud to announce that we have shipped over 1,000 FREE inspirational shirts around the world from California to Australia! We are impacting the world by teaching and empowering one child at a time to pledge to give back to their local community! We are blown away at the response to the movement in the short six months that we have launched this project and movement. Thank you all for joining the movement and spreading the word. We count on you to continue to grow this movement and to help us continue to impact children near and far. We work to teach our own kids, to be humble, to appreciate what they have, because there are over 600,000 homeless people in America and 100 Million homeless people worldwide. No matter how big or small your good deed is, they all impact our world. One piece of trash, donating your used toys, feeding a family, reading to an elder, volunteering, cleaning up the beach, all help to save the world we live in and teach kids that they should always make time in their lives to spread good vibes and appreciate what they have. We hope you will join the movement and #repeatthefeat