The Repeat The Feat Q&A April 16, 2015 11:06

Hi Repeat The Feat Friends!

We hope you are all enjoying your shirts and are planning your paying it forward activities with your kiddos! We are blown away at the response to the movement and how excited everyone is about teaching their kids to these good vibe values at a young age. We are going to Pacific Beach next week to join a beach clean up event with our boys and the kiddos can't wait! When you got your shirt we did mention that we would LOVE to hear about your Repeat The Feat experience so here are the quick and easy breezy questions to answer:

1. What did your kiddo do?

2. What was your kiddos FAVE part?

3. What did they learn?

4. Submit your photos and tag #repeatthefeat

5. Quote from your kiddo!

*Please email these questions back to us at

That's it -- simply and easy! Thank you for joining our movement and teaching your kids to REPEAT THE FEAT.

Spread Good Vibes.