Seeing the vision March 9, 2015 10:59

We opened the box today and saw our NEW REPEAT THE FEAT tote bags and we both smiled, and maybe jumped up and down a little, not gonna lie #noshame seeing our vision come to life is amazing and fills our hearts with happiness. Giving back has always been apart of our lives and everyday we work to teach our boys values, to live simple and to be happy with what they have. We explain things to them that some kids don't have any 'toys' or 'food' or 'family' even and that everyday we have we should be grateful and happy with what we are given. To not expect more and to earn what we do have. Teaching our kids values and simple happiness is our goal. We have always put our kids Christmas gifts away in the closet, and we bring them out throughout the year when they are doing good and earned something new 'regift' lol! We put old toys away and keep recycling through them. They think it's 'new' and love it so much! It's a win. We teach them to give their old toys they don't play with to others kids who don't have toys, the first time was certainly not easy but after explaining why we do these things, they got it and understand the concept. We can not protect our kids from everything in the world but we can teach them to be nice to people, to give back to people and to be grateful for their lives. Our hope is that by starting young, our boys will grow up being supportive, loving and giving people who don't bully, and don't judge others and who help someone in need if they need it. To always have an open hand to pick someone up if they fall. We want them to understand that everyday we have is a blessing and that is why we always say, 'Live, Life...Happy.' Some people don't have food, toys, family and we do, so let's teach our kids to REPEAT THE FEAT and give back at a young age.