Some fun ideas to get you ready to REPEAT THE FEAT! February 24, 2015 13:14

Here are some ideas for places to donate your time with your kids:
1. Volunteer in your child's school, have your child teach the kids in their class something, cook, craft, read etc.
2. Go to your Local church they always have awesome volunteering opportunities for kids.
3. Local food banks or shelters.
4. Animal shelters, help our furry friends too!
5. Plant a tree! Give back to nature.
6. Donate food. We recently took our little guys to the grocery store and had them only buy things for other kids to donate. It wasn't easy at first but after they got it they filled that cart right up, and we're so excited about what they did for those kids! Their faces were priceless.
7. Visit a nursing home and read or play a game with someone. Elders smile seeing kids happy faces.
8. Donate clothing.
9. Check out your local YMCA they have a lot of opportunities.
Just some quick ideas. Hope this helps!! Can't wait to see your photos. NOW purchase your child a FREE shirt to teach them how to REPEAT THE FEAT!