The Inspiration Behind This Cause February 10, 2015 20:46

Everyone wants to be able to better the world in some way.  Some choose to do so occasionally, while others devote there lives to making their community a better place.  Either way, all who choose to devote their time and energy to a charitable or community effort, get the same gratification and pleasure in knowing that they have contributed to society. 

The magic question is how do we make this charitable attitude for everyone repeatable!  The answer: teach them these charitable values from childhood.  As a parent of 3 boys myself, I realize everyday how impressionable my young children are.  They look to their parents for the answer. Their behavior, beliefs, and attitudes are everyday shaped by the values that their parents instill.  So what if parents instilled the very values of being charitable with their time and energy onto their kids from a young age.  Their kids would grow up knowing that they are required to not only take care of themselves, but take care of their community.

This is something I am sure all parents have thought of at some point.  They know that teaching their kids these values IS important.  But there is not always the resources or time to devote towards these efforts. That's where we make it easy!  We want parents to have a platform, that with little or no cost, they participate in our program, and make communities and charitable activities fun for their children.  Wearing our empowering shirts, kids will know what their mission is that day, to do something that helps someone else.  Parents, who are always looking for new way to teach and spend time with their kids, will be able to use our fun and interactive program to teach their kids amazing values of giving back to the community, but also be afforded the opportunity to share their pride in doing so through our social network.

I look forward to seeing more children and parents Repeat the Feat each and everyday, creating a repeating and positive impact on our communities. JOIN THE MOVEMENT. #repeatthefeat