We are BACK to GIVE BACK! August 21, 2018 21:42

Sorry for our long hiatus ... but after managing my little monkeys and now getting all of them into school, I am ready and back to helping you teach your little one(s) how to GIVE BACK with a simple t-shirt to inspire them! As I start my venture to pursue my passion for teaching at USC, I hope to inspire others to never give up and to pursue their own dreams. I pose a question for you, when was the last time that you 'did a good duty for the day?' if you can't think of that then it's been too long. Just the other day I was at the Del Mar beach and I saw this older lady struggling to hold her umbrella, bag, walker and all while using her cane through the sand to reach her families chairs down on the beach. There were people all around but not one person walked over to help her, I thought to myself, 'I sure hope when I am older and need help that someone would help me,' and therefore, I immediately walked over and just asked her would you like some help?, she said, 'Oh, yes that would be so great.' I felt so good inside to help her, and she said to me, 'you must be a nurse!' I said, 'I am not a nurse but I am a teacher, and I am going to school for my credentials. She just smiled and said, well you are going to make an amazing teacher. It was such a positive moment in my day and then she watched and smiled as I played with my boys on the beach. I truly felt so good to just lend that hand to someone in need and ease their own day by one thoughtful simple gesture. I am working on a NEW batch of tees and updating the site for you and I hope to start sharing more and getting back into the swing of this program very soon...please stayed tuned! xoxo

We Shipped over 1K FREE Inspirational Shirts! June 16, 2015 13:18

We are proud to announce that we have shipped over 1,000 FREE inspirational shirts around the world from California to Australia! We are impacting the world by teaching and empowering one child at a time to pledge to give back to their local community! We are blown away at the response to the movement in the short six months that we have launched this project and movement. Thank you all for joining the movement and spreading the word. We count on you to continue to grow this movement and to help us continue to impact children near and far. We work to teach our own kids, to be humble, to appreciate what they have, because there are over 600,000 homeless people in America and 100 Million homeless people worldwide. No matter how big or small your good deed is, they all impact our world. One piece of trash, donating your used toys, feeding a family, reading to an elder, volunteering, cleaning up the beach, all help to save the world we live in and teach kids that they should always make time in their lives to spread good vibes and appreciate what they have. We hope you will join the movement and #repeatthefeat

The Repeat The Feat Q&A April 16, 2015 11:06

Hi Repeat The Feat Friends!

We hope you are all enjoying your shirts and are planning your paying it forward activities with your kiddos! We are blown away at the response to the movement and how excited everyone is about teaching their kids to these good vibe values at a young age. We are going to Pacific Beach next week to join a beach clean up event with our boys and the kiddos can't wait! When you got your shirt we did mention that we would LOVE to hear about your Repeat The Feat experience so here are the quick and easy breezy questions to answer:

1. What did your kiddo do?

2. What was your kiddos FAVE part?

3. What did they learn?

4. Submit your photos and tag #repeatthefeat

5. Quote from your kiddo!

*Please email these questions back to us at

That's it -- simply and easy! Thank you for joining our movement and teaching your kids to REPEAT THE FEAT.

Spread Good Vibes.

Seeing the vision March 9, 2015 10:59

We opened the box today and saw our NEW REPEAT THE FEAT tote bags and we both smiled, and maybe jumped up and down a little, not gonna lie #noshame seeing our vision come to life is amazing and fills our hearts with happiness. Giving back has always been apart of our lives and everyday we work to teach our boys values, to live simple and to be happy with what they have. We explain things to them that some kids don't have any 'toys' or 'food' or 'family' even and that everyday we have we should be grateful and happy with what we are given. To not expect more and to earn what we do have. Teaching our kids values and simple happiness is our goal. We have always put our kids Christmas gifts away in the closet, and we bring them out throughout the year when they are doing good and earned something new 'regift' lol! We put old toys away and keep recycling through them. They think it's 'new' and love it so much! It's a win. We teach them to give their old toys they don't play with to others kids who don't have toys, the first time was certainly not easy but after explaining why we do these things, they got it and understand the concept. We can not protect our kids from everything in the world but we can teach them to be nice to people, to give back to people and to be grateful for their lives. Our hope is that by starting young, our boys will grow up being supportive, loving and giving people who don't bully, and don't judge others and who help someone in need if they need it. To always have an open hand to pick someone up if they fall. We want them to understand that everyday we have is a blessing and that is why we always say, 'Live, Life...Happy.' Some people don't have food, toys, family and we do, so let's teach our kids to REPEAT THE FEAT and give back at a young age.

Some fun ideas to get you ready to REPEAT THE FEAT! February 24, 2015 13:14

Here are some ideas for places to donate your time with your kids:
1. Volunteer in your child's school, have your child teach the kids in their class something, cook, craft, read etc.
2. Go to your Local church they always have awesome volunteering opportunities for kids.
3. Local food banks or shelters.
4. Animal shelters, help our furry friends too!
5. Plant a tree! Give back to nature.
6. Donate food. We recently took our little guys to the grocery store and had them only buy things for other kids to donate. It wasn't easy at first but after they got it they filled that cart right up, and we're so excited about what they did for those kids! Their faces were priceless.
7. Visit a nursing home and read or play a game with someone. Elders smile seeing kids happy faces.
8. Donate clothing.
9. Check out your local YMCA they have a lot of opportunities.
Just some quick ideas. Hope this helps!! Can't wait to see your photos. NOW purchase your child a FREE shirt to teach them how to REPEAT THE FEAT!


The Inspiration Behind This Cause February 10, 2015 20:46

Everyone wants to be able to better the world in some way.  Some choose to do so occasionally, while others devote there lives to making their community a better place.  Either way, all who choose to devote their time and energy to a charitable or community effort, get the same gratification and pleasure in knowing that they have contributed to society. 

The magic question is how do we make this charitable attitude for everyone repeatable!  The answer: teach them these charitable values from childhood.  As a parent of 3 boys myself, I realize everyday how impressionable my young children are.  They look to their parents for the answer. Their behavior, beliefs, and attitudes are everyday shaped by the values that their parents instill.  So what if parents instilled the very values of being charitable with their time and energy onto their kids from a young age.  Their kids would grow up knowing that they are required to not only take care of themselves, but take care of their community.

This is something I am sure all parents have thought of at some point.  They know that teaching their kids these values IS important.  But there is not always the resources or time to devote towards these efforts. That's where we make it easy!  We want parents to have a platform, that with little or no cost, they participate in our program, and make communities and charitable activities fun for their children.  Wearing our empowering shirts, kids will know what their mission is that day, to do something that helps someone else.  Parents, who are always looking for new way to teach and spend time with their kids, will be able to use our fun and interactive program to teach their kids amazing values of giving back to the community, but also be afforded the opportunity to share their pride in doing so through our social network.

I look forward to seeing more children and parents Repeat the Feat each and everyday, creating a repeating and positive impact on our communities. JOIN THE MOVEMENT. #repeatthefeat